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Sometimes you do not want to use the webshop link for an event. You want a webshop where you only see specific tickets. For instance if you have created a special event for the workshop or bootcamp part of your event. Within the Dizizid system it is possible
to use a specific link for:

  • Your event. For instance a festival where you see all tickets for that festival. Example: If you organize parties and will also organize a festival it could be handy to have a ticket link where you see only the festival tickets.
  • A schedule of your event: For instance only the workshops of that event. Example: If you organizer a party with bootcamp and want to do special promotion for the bootcamp it could be handy to only have a webshop with the bootcamp tickets.

In the system you can find the specific links for each part of your event in event management:

  1. Login to the admin module
  2. Go to Manage events
  3. Search for your event

Behind each part of the event you see a link icon. If you click on the link your browser will open a specific webshop with only the ticket for that part of the event. Just copy the link to use it as a specific link.

Example: If we click on schedule level (DIZIZID - Demo Congress 2019 [Parties] on the link at the end, the following webshop will open. In this webshop you only see the parties and the tickets that are valid for the parties. 

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