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Offers are what we usually call tickets. But a ticket is just a proof of payment that gives you access to an event. So it is better to talk about offers. The offers make it possible to manage the prices you ask for the tickets you want to sell. Prices for tickets can change over time. In the Dizizid system you can create an offer which is linked to time periods and prices.

Single time table offer

You can have for instance a Friday party and for that party you only create one offer for the Friday party ticket.

Multi time table offer

In some cases you can also have offers that are valid for more then one party. For instance a full pass for a festival. In this example you see that the Full Pass offer is valid for all parties and workshops during the weekend.

Multiple offer periods

The price of your offer can change over time and for instance become more expensive every month. To accommodate that you can add multiple "Offer periods". An offer period is basically a time frame which you configure with pricing information. The prices you configure will then only be valid in that specific time frame. So if you know up-front what the prices will be over time you can configure them directly. The webshop will detect which offer period is the active one and use those prices automatically.

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