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Video tutorial: 

The first thing you have to do when creating an event is setup the location where the festival will occur and configure your system settings.

Setup your location

  1. Login to the events admin module
  2. Go to Locations → Manage locations
  3. Search for the location by using the search criteria and press Find new location
  4. The location should then be displayed on the Google map
  5. You can add it by clicking on Add as new location
  6. Now fill in the location details and press Save location
  7. Go to the Sub-location tab
  8. Click on Add sub-location
  9. Fill in the details of the sub location and press Save sub-location
  10. If you need multiple sub locations you can repeat step 8 and 9

Configure your settings

  1. Login to the events admin module
  2. Go to System → Settings
  3. Configure the Required personal information settings to your liking
  4. Configure the Required contact information settings to your liking
  5. Select the payment options you want to use
  6. Configure the Communication settings 
  7. Set the default event settings
  8. Configure a default ticket banner to use for all your tickets (this can be overridden on offer level if necessary)

Setting this up properly will make creation of your offers very fast and you will have your webshop active in no time.

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